So what a girl suppose to do for fun….

I heard the doctor loud and clear, LIVER TROUBLE, CHOLESTEROL TROUBLE and GLUCOSE TROUBLE…..What did it really mean to my overall health? Sure I had family members I could blame this genetic mess on, of course  I didn’t really eat or drink to much…….or did I. Was it possible I had no one to blame but myself? I sure hoped not.

You see for years I was a corporate nurse who flew around the country while managing my duties. I took my staff out to dinner, I met people for drinks, I slept in hotel rooms night after night. Essentially I abandon every good habit and just gave it all away to my career. I was in my late 50’s and I weighed 178 lb.I am 5’5 inched tall…I was fat, tired and sick.

No amount of hair dye, makeup or Spanx was going to fix this!

So as I said before, my doctor said I have to stop drinking and lose weight. You know you don’t really realize how much you do anything until you are asked to stop. But Im a nurse and I am determined to regain my health and ensure my longevity . I had kids, a grandchild and a husband who I promised some glorious retirement travel. I had to do it. I had to fix this!

Now folks let me be clear. In no way was I addicted to alcohol. However, I was habituated to it. It was a routine if you will. Come home from work, have a glass of wine etc….If I was being honest I think I had two to three glasses of wine everyday! I hated this question at the doctors office, I always lied. However the  joke was on me  as my labs ratted me out.

So my first problem was what the hell do I do when I get home? It sounds funny but it was a social challenge for me. I felt lost and unsettled. My rhythm was off. It lasted about three weeks….then it stopped. I was sleeping better, I didn’t have dry mouth, I was learning not to rely on a drink to clam me down.

I started to see some positive changes with my new diet as well, but it was not going to be enough. My lab results were not getting better in fact they were getting worse.