snack time, then head on your mat….

I am so tired so I just need a snack and then a nap.  Here is a perfect snack for my plan.img_3667



2- low-fat, high fiber tortillas- these tortillas have 15 grams of fiber each!

sugar-free apricot jam

lots of yummy cinnamon

A big cup of tea.


Very filling and super healthy.



My big high fat and high sugar weak spot

Well, I won’t eat him but I’ll sure kiss his face. He is fat, sweet and calorie-free. img_3722

Raleigh, my new grandson!


This post is actually about breakfast. I will ask for a pass on the grandbaby post as it’s an Oma thing….couldn’t be helped!


So I wanted to get some good nutrition this morning as I was feeling a bit out of balance. This is because for the last 72 hrs I’ve been up at odd hours and not moving or sleeping as I typically do. This was due to Raleigh’s birth.

When I think of food I always think,

1. How much fiber

2. How much sugar and fat

3. How many vegetables can I get

4. How much protein can I get

I wanted to offer the following pictorial of this morning’s breakfast!


Raw ingredients- Salsa Verde, Eggs, Spinach, Tomatoes, non-fat plain yogurt


fry the tomatoes  (Spray olive oil)


Low-fat low sugar, high fiber tortilla


the final product



With this meal, I covered all of my nutritional needs. It is a near perfect meal for my plan.

Try it! You can add of course many vegetables. I would suggest peppers, mushrooms, and onions.

I hope you like it