Why fruit doesn’t​ count as bad stuff, but fruit juice should be illegal!

I see people order fruit juice all the time. I see children sucking on fruit juice packets, it makes me crazy.It is terrible for their teeth and little bodies! Fruit juice has almost no redeemable qualities. Yes, it has Vit C but misses the mark on the other wonderful things that whole fruit offers. This article appeared in a nutritional site about fruit juice and I think we need to pay attention!

So what is the deal with juice and why do so many of us buy it for our families?

Here are some facts:

  1. Loaded with sugar
  2. lacks any measurable fiber
  3. High in calories vs the nutrient pay off
  4. A glass of apple juice has more calories than a glass of Orange Juice
  5. The sugar in fruit juice is fructose. The liver is the only organ that metabolizes fructose.
  6. Fruit juice sugars get to the Liver much quicker than if you were to eat a piece of fruit.
  7. Those with metabolic issues should not consume fruit juice

Fruit Juice Contains Vitamins, Minerals, and Antioxidants, but it Lacks Fiber and is Loaded With Sugar



2 thoughts on “Why fruit doesn’t​ count as bad stuff, but fruit juice should be illegal!

  1. It is all about the nutrient dense food. Everything we eat has a value regarding the nutritional profile. If we simply ensure we eat those high nutrient foods the majority of the time it would be very hard to eat empty calories. Empty calories steal our health and make us fat.


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