I want to thank our Latin friends for a few things, beautiful culture, Chihuahuas​ and Low Carb Tortillas.

You are aware by now in my prior blogs I am a big fan of Fiber. In fact, this is probably the most important thing I do for my health every day.

All of the Tortillas you buy at the grocery store ae not created equal. Some are loaded with fat even when they promote whole grains! I think whole grains are important but that descriptor is thrown around a lot and people are assuming that’s all they need to look at. It’s a lot like the word “all natural” vs organic, two very different things.

I eat this meal a few times a week.

Here is the skinny on my low fat, low sugar, and HIGH fiber tortillas

  • 2 low carb, low fat, low sugar/ high fiber Tortillas
  • Pinto and black beans drained and mashed/ (chicken or fish can be added)
  • Salsa ( read the labels)..this is a key ingredient as it adds a nice spice.
  • spinach ) fresh and organic)
  • a dollop of non-fat Yogurt (plain)
  • Heat up the beans and the meat
  • Place this mixture in the tortilla
  • top off with fresh ingredients.

The benefits are huge with this meal. First, it is filling but more importantly, it is a fiber delivery system!  I think this will become one of your go-to meals. It is easy to keep these items in your house as the shelf life is long.

Sometimes I’ll buy the fancy beans that are already blended and packaged that I can get in most health food stores. But it isn’t necessary. My blender or a fork work just as well.15878738_1883972061889394_2137394934_n-2


3 grams of fat

15 G fiber

1 g sugar


Let me know what you think of this meal!

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