I scream …sometimes it’s for ice cream

I just cannot stand to not have a sweet treat after dinner. It’s like I am so good foraging for healthy food all day long and I really deserve dessert at night after all that effort. I’m sort of exaggerating as it isn’t that much work, but I still think I need dessert!

In my world, there are several choices for me.

Non-fat plain yogurt with berries, cinnamon, and Splenda. served very cold with some crunchy go lean crunch high fiber cereal on top. (Not a lot maybe a tablespoon)

Artic ice nondairy ice cream. This is available at many grocery stores. A pint of it has 150 calories. It falls nicely under the rules and you can “doctor” it up to be really yummy. I add a Splenda, berries, crunchy go lean cereal or some low cal coffee concentrate in Hazelnut on top. It is very good! Read labels carefully as all of these Icecream substitutes are not created equal. This particular brand comes in another version but has double the calories from fat and sugar.Also, avoid the Cappuccino flavor, it isn’t creamy enough and I think it is not the best one to buy. The vanilla and salted caramel are great.

Jello Pudding, nonfat and sugar-free. Use nonfat milk and make up some great tasting pudding treats. These are very satisfying and easy to make.

The trick is to have these things available so when you want to have a treat you have them on hand. When we lose control it is because we have failed to plan.

Now go have dessert


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