Egg Nog? Yes, please

Egg Nog is a tough one this time of year. It is such a yummy part of the holidays but how is it possible for this program? It certainly doesn’t follow any of “The Rules” Well I think you will like this recipe and you can treat yourself!

  • 1 egg
  • Your milk of choice (You can use cow’s milk, almond, coconut, or even rice milk), enough to fill your glass or mug  Make sure the fat content is less than 2.0 grams per serving
  • A dash of nutmeg or vanilla
  • One Splenda
  • One scoop of whey protein powder (optional)


  1. Put the egg, milk, Splenda or Stevia, and whey protein powder (if using) in a mug or glass. Add a dash of vanilla or nutmeg.
  2. Use a hand blender to blend the mixture until frothy. Consume immediately.

This recipe makes one serving.

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