Mustard, the saddest of all condiments?

Mustard has become my favorite sandwich ingredient. I will admit I didn’t always give respect to mustard. It was always an afterthought, especially when the king of condiments ketchup and mayonnaise were around. But like the awkward guy that asks you to prom when no one else did, I learned to love it.

The good things about Mustard are no fat ( in most) and no sugar to speak of in the ingredient list. so….heres lunch today


Regrets? I’ve had a few

My biggest regret is not taking care of myself over the years the way I should have….It’s easy to forget about your own needs when you have a busy job and people that need you. Bills to pay and things that fill your mind with worry. However ,if at some point we do not stop and take stock of ourselves,we will pay the price.

So everyone loves a before and after right? ( everyone except the before person)

Oh well, here it is.fat-maggi

This is a picture taken approximately¬†2 years ago while on a family vacation in France . I was 178lbs. I was unhealthy and wasn’t¬†even aware.

This is me today after following my new way of eating, 133 lbs and feeling great!


I would love to offer any advice and assistance to help you find a lifelong plan for healthy eating. Stay tuned .