The good the bad and the ugly

The good part was that I had a diagnosis, the bad was I had to change my life completely and the ugly….I had no idea what to eat. So I thought I would create some “rules to eat by”.


First ,I will give you the parameters of this eating style. I call it a eating style because it isn’t only a weight loss program, it is a way to impact your lipid and fasting glucose levels as well as other lab values toward a preferable state.

The rules:
No Alcohol( High in sugar)
No soda/ only lemon water  and lots of it!
No foods that have over 2 gm of fat per serving
No foods that have over 5 grams of sugar per serving
40 grams of Fiber every 24 hrs.
All food is organic if possible

Go through your panty and fridge and rid yourself of all foods you cannot eat
Go shopping and purchase all of your weekly foods
Eat a lot 🙂

Who are your food friends?

Sugar- free Smuckers jam\Powdered peanut butter = Minimal fat
non- fat cottage cheese
Sardines, crab and tuna packed in water
white fish ( any)
chicken (skinless)
whole grain low fat low carb tortilla wraps ( each one has 12 grams of fiber)!
Some hummus
All fruits but especially watermelon, strawberry’s and blueberries ( I do not count the natural sugar in fruit)
non fat milk
Artic ice brand ice cream ( mix in a splenda and berries)
Non fat PLAIN yogurt Chiobani brand ( be careful about Yogurt )
All Vegetable’s Especially sweet potatoes and beets etc
Brown rice
some flat bread crackers
Spinach and kale for shakes in the am or mid morning
Black beans and Pinto beans
You can cook with spray oils ( no fat) and use mustard on a sandwich

Bread ( read the label) most bread is fine and falls within the fat and sugar parameters!

Who are your food enemies
You must be aware you cannot eat any sauces, oils, butter ketchup or mayonnaise.
olive oil
peanut butter
Red meat , Pork, salmon, mackerel- not good for low fat diets.
most cereals ( high in sugar)
nuts ( all of them)
yogurt ( other than non fat plain, and actually be careful of some non fat brands as the sugars))

So you can see a pattern here I hope. No oils at all…No excessive sugar.

You will find you own food items that fit the parameters, just read those labels. Eat several apples a day, oranges as well.

I also paid close attention to spices that are healthy and will assist with inflammation as well as glucose levels. Stay tuned for a list of those and how to use them.


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