Here is what I want you to do…..

I know it is easy for me to give you information but until you really start to “work” with the guidelines you still may be thinking what do I eat ? First I hope you all caught the fact that bread is ok! I eat bread all the time. I just don’t cover it with butter, mayo etc… I eat Bagels, French bread..yup lots of bread. Seems strange I know but when you think of the guidelines they do not restrict complex carbs. I’ve been on those diets in the past and they are awful. They are impossible to maintain.

On my posts, I will sprinkle in recipes so you have some ideas, but I am very sure you will come up with great dishes on your own by just keeping the rules in mind.

Here is a favorite!

Root veggie roast


  1. Red or golden fresh beets ( cleansing for the liver)
  2. Organic carrots
  3. parsnips
  4. Sweet potatoes

Wash  and cut up into chunks. Place tin foil in a roasting pan. Spray the foil with a nonstick olive oil .( Read the label on the spray nonstick product)

Spray a light mist of the olive oil over the veggies

Sprinkle Turmeric ,salt and pepper over the veggies. Be careful not to use too much Turmeric as it can overpower the dish.

Cover and roast at 350 for 45 minutes or until tender.

This can be stored in your fridge for up to 7 days. I chop this up and put it over brown rice and it is so yummy. you can add some chicken or turkey if you desire.

This is low fat- low sugar and good for you.

I want you all to be aware that coconut oil, olive oil, and vegetable oil all have the same amount of fat content. The spray cans of cooking oil do not. check out the labels!


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