The News

I walked into the waiting room of the Liver team at the University of Washington and saw what I was sure would be me if I couldn’t turn this around. Patients were sitting around with poor color and some with distended abdomens from Liver issues. Some may have been post transplant and certainly some were there to see if they could stave off further illness.  I was there because every two weeks my liver enzymes were going up and no one really knew why at this point.

When I was greeted by a young woman who was a resident to take my history I was a little annoyed. I guess I wanted to see only the most seasoned MD who had seen everything. As a nurse and the mother of a surgeon I was more than aware of how the process worked at a teaching hospital but I was just so damn tired of telling my story! This had been going on for four months and telling my story was not getting me any answers.

She reviewed my biopsy, my labs and my history all while waiting for her attending physician to arrive.  We waited only about 20 minutes and in walked the Doctor of my dreams! Old, white haired and been around the block……

He told me that my liver was damaged indeed. Then said I had something called “Metabolic Syndrome” Ok, I thought now we are getting somewhere! He told me if I didn’t change my lifestyle I would surely develop Type 2 Diabetes and continue to have Liver damage, not to mention my high Cholesterol that threatened my cardiovascular system. Not a good plan for living to a ripe old age.

So what pill was he going to give me? What treatment would rid me of this metabolic syndrome?  None!

Turns out it was going to be my diet that would heal me.

I left the office with two pieces of advice:

  1. low fat and low sugar.
  2. lose weight


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