And then it got worse

I returned for a new set of lab draws. We were going to check everything. Here is where things got real……Terms were being thrown around like Primary biliary disease , NASH liver disease. My liver enzymes were going up! I could not figure it out….I had not had any alcohol for a month at that point yet my liver enzymes were going up! I was referred for a liver biopsy.

Now, I don’t know if any of you have every had a biopsy of anything but it is usually not a great moment. A liver biopsy to see if I had cancer or primary biliary disease. neither of which had acceptable outcomes.

Liver biopsy day came and went. Results came in, no Cancer, no Primary biliary disease. But plenty of scar tissue and fatty deposits in my Liver. What the hell! Why me I thought. Was I going to continue to progress to needing a liver transplant? I was referred to the University of WA Liver transplant team. It was there that I learned what I really needed to do………

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